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Medical Device Sterilization

Bioburden reduction of consumer goods:

  • cosmetics
  • spices
  • herbs
  • toiletries
  • pharmaceutical raw materials
  • food packaging
  • dyes and colorants

Industrial products processing



Background radiation measured on the exterior wall of Scandinavian Clinics Estonia OÜ´s plant (μSv/h):

(Natural background radiation in Estonia may reach up to 0,3 μSv/h)



Survey area: 0,12 µSv/h;
Control area: 0,10 µSv/h;
Pool: 0,08 µSv/h


The following is a summary of the most important applications of irradiation sterilization:

  • Sterilization of medical consumables and certain pharmaceuticals
  • Cold pasteurization of food
  • Cold pasteurization of pet food
  • Bio burden reduction of consumer goods. E.g.
    • cosmetics and toiletries
    • pharmaceutical raw material
    • food packaging
    • dyes and colorants
  • Disinfections of hospital waste
  • Degradation of toxic wastes
  • Degradation of selected polymer resins
  • Depolymerization of cellulose
  • Radiation doping of semiconductors
  • Coloring of glass and gemstones
  • Crosslinking of plastics, mainly PE
    • by introduction of the memory effect into heat shrink and stretch wrap materials
    • elimination of monomer residues from polymers
    • generation of foams for protective clothing
    • improving of green strength in rubber